Hey, I am Gili Karni

Hey, I am Gili Karni

I am on my way to being a scientist.

I am fascinated by the human mind. I am especially interested in understanding the computational basis of human intelligence, focusing on learning and intuitive inference. Currently, I explore these questions while working as post-bacc research associate with the Niv lab at Princeton. I also collaborate with the Neural Information Processing Group in TU-Berlin.

Besides research, I enjoy crime fiction, good food, and adventure sports.


  • Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Computational Psychiatry


  • BSc in Data Science & Statistics and Cognitive Science, 2016- 2020

    Minerva Schools at KGI


and some things I have been working on

Classifying ADHD from Healthy Controls using LSTMs with rs-fMRI Data

From extracting resting-state networks to calculating the classification significance

Curiosity-Driven Learning with OpenAI and Keras

A guide for building an ICM agent using Keras and OpenAI Gym.

Identifying Resting-State Networks from fMRI Data Using ICAs

From data collection to feature extraction

Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning with Keras

A step by step approach to understanding REINFORCE

Simulating Biological Neural Networks with NetPyNE

Exploring the effect of neuromodulation on oscillatory patterns

What Can Schizophrenia Tell Us About How the Brain Predicts the Future?

Modeling Complex Systems — The Case of Abnormal Predictive Coding

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